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4 Mistakes Recovering Addicts Make

Being an addict in recovery myself and having to make sure that I take steps in order not to fall back to square one in recovery takes not only time but also commitment. Now I believe that many people want to stick to being sober and not f*** up, but it happens, and sometimes they have no clue where they went wrong. I will mention 4 mistakes that I believe some recovering addicts make in their recovery.

  • Not Leaving Your Using Friends Behind –

It is best if you leave all your friends that are still using in the past! Why? Because if you do not and choose to keep them in your life, that could turn into YOUR downfall. To be honest, when using, not everyone has your interest at best. It could also be a trigger hanging around certain people.

  • Being Alone –

I am not saying it is not ok to have alone time and some space from everyone, but having too much time and space away from friends/family and the world could be dangerous. If your like me having too much time in your head can cause problems. I try to keep myself busy when that happens.

  • Trying to Take on Everything at Once –

 If you are in the beginning stages of your recovery, I highly recommend not to try to take on too many things at once. When in recovery, we are already dealing with so many things i.e., our emotions, trying to stay sober, steps in rehabilitation, etc. Being in recovery does not mean you have to fill your plate so full that you end up stressing yourself out to the point that you throw in the towel and give up.

  • Stay Clean and Sober –

Just because you were addicted to one thing does not mean you can switch to another that is just substituting for another substance. I believe if you stay away from everything, you have a better chance of staying clean and sober. Do not make a mistake in thinking that since you were a heroin addict, it is okay to drink or vice versa. No! No matter what a drug is a drug.

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