About Me

Hello Everyone ❤ For starters, my name is Avary Wood. I am a stay at home mom and a full-time student. I am going to school to become an Addiction Counselor.  I am an addict in recovery for almost six years now. That is why I want to become an Addiction counselor so I can help others because I have been through some crazy life experiences of my own and have an understanding of what others could be going through.

Why I Created A Story of Recovery

  • To create a place where people can come and read about addiction.
  • A place where I can share my experiences in addiction.
  • To share day to day life with others
  • To share my newly found obsession with skincare
  • So I have a save haven where I can share whatever I want with others that share the same interest.

My Topics

  • Day to day life
  • Skincare
  • Addiction
  • More to come soon

Published by astoryofrecoveryblog

Mother of three boys. | Stay-at-home mom. | Full time student | Skincare Addict

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