Why Judge A Butterfly?

I am Only Human Just Like You –

We all F*** up from time to time in life, whether it be something small or big. Addiction has caused even myself to do and say things that I now to this day regret. I am not that person anymore and find it unfair to judge someone because of their past doings when they are trying hard to be a better person. It makes no damn sense to me at all; it really doesn’t because I would want to congratulate others for their accomplishments and what they have achieved and even their forthcoming’s. Not dog on someone because their path in life was different from yours that you have no real understanding about.

I Have Feelings Too –

You may have been heartless and reckless during your addiction and are paying the price for everything that has been done and said in your past because I know I am but having other people look down on you, say things about you and judge you because of your wrongdoings in the past is just hurtful. I try not to let it bother me, but what can I say? I am still only human, and it sometimes still hurts to hear the sh*t people say about you when your not even that same person anymore but yet they continuously judge you because of it. Even though it still hurts me, I am better than to succumb to all the bullsh*t energy people put out there about me, and you are too. What matters most is the ones you love and care about, and the ones who love and care about you.

All I Know

Is that I have spent so much time and energy into my journey in recovery that I know I am a better person than I used to be! I have accomplished so much in life that I never thought I would have, and the people who judge me because they have no clue what I went through to get where I am now, and will never comprehend how much that can mean to someone in recovery. I cannot walk on water but I sometimes feel like I can when I accomplish my goals in life one by one.

I want to give a shout out –

To all recovering addicts who are staying true to themselves and not letting your past define who you are! You all are strong-minded and beautiful people no matter what anyone says.

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4 thoughts on “Why Judge A Butterfly?

  1. if you have been recovered for 6 years i would hope that you encounter less & less of this as time goes by. Being only a few weeks away from 1 full year alcohol free i can say that going off of social media( at 6 months in) and basically focusing on myself has been a huge eye opener and after an intense period of loneliness( isolation) and feeling like no one cared , i ‘got over it’..realizing that digital friends are just that( even if i know most of them in real life too).Out of 1300 “friends” only about 8 of them reached out or even noticed i was gone. Of those 8 only 3 have kept in touch regularly. I live with my roommate and basically the only people i have talked with routinely since has been her & my daughter. I do see my other family once in awhile and go out for a few hours in the community each month but other than that…i am happy to be alone with my hikes, meditation, working and staying centered on my health & well being.I am also now 5 weeks and 3 days smoke free, and would never have been able to do that had i been around most of the people i was before, including the AA meetings( where it seems like everyone smokes after.) Anyway, carry on and be your own bliss, Love…hugs!!


    1. @lovie It doesn’t happen as much as it used to in the beginning, but from time to time it occurs maybe more than I thought it would, especially with me being in recovery for a decent amount of time. And myself has dropped down to only one good friend I can count on and a handful of family members, and I prefer it that way. Congrats for your almost 1year of sobriety and to being smoke-free 😁 and stay strong yourself.

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