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4 Mistakes Recovering Addicts Make

Being an addict in recovery myself and having to make sure that I take steps in order not to fall back to square one in recovery takes not only time but also commitment. Now I believe that many people want to stick to being sober and not f*** up, but it happens, and sometimes they have no clue where they went wrong. I will mention 4 mistakes that I believe some recovering addicts make in their recovery.

  • Not Leaving Your Using Friends Behind –

It is best if you leave all your friends that are still using in the past! Why? Because if you do not and choose to keep them in your life, that could turn into YOUR downfall. To be honest, when using, not everyone has your interest at best. It could also be a trigger hanging around certain people.

  • Being Alone –

I am not saying it is not ok to have alone time and some space from everyone, but having too much time and space away from friends/family and the world could be dangerous. If your like me having too much time in your head can cause problems. I try to keep myself busy when that happens.

  • Trying to Take on Everything at Once –

 If you are in the beginning stages of your recovery, I highly recommend not to try to take on too many things at once. When in recovery, we are already dealing with so many things i.e., our emotions, trying to stay sober, steps in rehabilitation, etc. Being in recovery does not mean you have to fill your plate so full that you end up stressing yourself out to the point that you throw in the towel and give up.

  • Stay Clean and Sober –

Just because you were addicted to one thing does not mean you can switch to another that is just substituting for another substance. I believe if you stay away from everything, you have a better chance of staying clean and sober. Do not make a mistake in thinking that since you were a heroin addict, it is okay to drink or vice versa. No! No matter what a drug is a drug.

I Am Worth It

The beginning of this year has started pretty f**cking crappy. However, it is time for me to reclaim this year back to myself. I will not allow anybody to knock me down, to let me feel like I am nothing, have me doubt my self-worth. I am a force to be reckoned with when I am determined, and when I set my mind on something. 2020 is my year, and NOBODY is taking it away from me.


On the inside and outside…I am not perfect; I am not as beautiful as a goddess, but I am pretty enough, and I am ok with that. I am starting to love myself slowly but surely, and I will not think less of myself because of what others think. My heart knows no limit on love, and sometimes that is my downfall but I will not let that be a burden anymore.

Love Me For Who I Am

If you cannot love me for who I am, then I do not want you in my life! I am at the point where I do not want anybody in my life that feels negatively towards me or feels some type of way. I am not the same person I was before and during my addiction. I am someone you have not met before, so before anybody acts like they know me should probably think again.

New Beginnings

I am taking my life back from lovers who hurt me and belittle me, from “friends” who have scorned me and go behind my back. From family members who say blood is thicker than water when they are just like a river that never ends. I will take my life back and make it into something beautiful for my children and myself. Sometimes we let people we love guide us in the wrong direction we allow them to treat us however they see fit, and that is also coming to an end because I deserve so much better than the sh*t I have put up with and I will no longer stand for it.

Side Note To Everyone

Life is short to allow others to hurt us and dim our shine, we are beautiful people and if they choose not to see that, then that is their loss. I know it is hard to let the negative people we love in our lives go, but our happiness and self-worth matter. Its easier said than done. I just figured this out for myself and it hurts but it will get better day by day things will start getting better. So please put yourself first and love yourself enough to let go.

Why Judge A Butterfly?

I am Only Human Just Like You –

We all F*** up from time to time in life, whether it be something small or big. Addiction has caused even myself to do and say things that I now to this day regret. I am not that person anymore and find it unfair to judge someone because of their past doings when they are trying hard to be a better person. It makes no damn sense to me at all; it really doesn’t because I would want to congratulate others for their accomplishments and what they have achieved and even their forthcoming’s. Not dog on someone because their path in life was different from yours that you have no real understanding about.

I Have Feelings Too –

You may have been heartless and reckless during your addiction and are paying the price for everything that has been done and said in your past because I know I am but having other people look down on you, say things about you and judge you because of your wrongdoings in the past is just hurtful. I try not to let it bother me, but what can I say? I am still only human, and it sometimes still hurts to hear the sh*t people say about you when your not even that same person anymore but yet they continuously judge you because of it. Even though it still hurts me, I am better than to succumb to all the bullsh*t energy people put out there about me, and you are too. What matters most is the ones you love and care about, and the ones who love and care about you.

All I Know

Is that I have spent so much time and energy into my journey in recovery that I know I am a better person than I used to be! I have accomplished so much in life that I never thought I would have, and the people who judge me because they have no clue what I went through to get where I am now, and will never comprehend how much that can mean to someone in recovery. I cannot walk on water but I sometimes feel like I can when I accomplish my goals in life one by one.

I want to give a shout out –

To all recovering addicts who are staying true to themselves and not letting your past define who you are! You all are strong-minded and beautiful people no matter what anyone says.


About Me

Hello Everyone ❤ For starters, my name is Avary Wood. I am a stay at home mom and a full-time student. I am going to school to become an Addiction Counselor.  I am an addict in recovery for almost six years now. That is why I want to become an Addiction counselor so I can help others because I have been through some crazy life experiences of my own and have an understanding of what others could be going through.

Why I Created A Story of Recovery

  • To create a place where people can come and read about addiction.
  • A place where I can share my experiences in addiction.
  • To share day to day life with others
  • To share my newly found obsession with skincare
  • So I have a save haven where I can share whatever I want with others that share the same interest.

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